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October 12th, 2011: In Search of Autumn!
     Well, it looks like the fall colors are a bit late in Olympia- after a bit of scouting I haven't been able to find any really good displays of scarlet and gold!  Here's hope that the trees'll turn before they lose their leaves!  In the meantime, here's some new shots that I took today in lieu of autumn trees:


October 11th, 2011: Up and Running!

     Well, after a long push to get all my files converted and the CSS tuned, Joshua Cramer Photography is up and running!  Here, you'll find images of the Pacific Northwest- the essence of which is our beautiful, untamed forests and mountains.  There are also animals, both wild and domesticated, as well as photos from iconic urban areas such as Olympia and Seattle.  Check back often, as this front page will serve as a sort of journal for my photographic adventures and also an update for new photos.

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